Kasvuaikaa, my 7th crime story of Reijo Sudenmaa will be published 2/2017

Tiistai 15.11.2016 klo 11.28

I just received a delivery from my finnish publisher Myllylahti. It contained first outlook of my next novel called Kasvuaikaa (Time of growth). It will be published in february 2017.

When I started to write first Sudenmaa-story in 2005, I didn't know I would write at least six more. It is common, that  a writer will become as a very close friend with his characters. That is what happened to me, too. I want to know, what wil happen to that tall and sometimes crude policeman called Reijo Sudenmaa.

... and a crime story is a very good way to observe this world, that many times is very different than we think...

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