First reviews about Le Royaume des perches

Keskiviikko 24.4.2013 klo 9.10

My first novel published in french came out at 13th March. Le Royaume des perches (Ahventen valtakunta in finnish) was published by Gaia Editions.

This translation to foreign language is also my first one. So, it is very exciting to me to wait and see what people who read my story in french will think about it. Do they like it? Do they reach same thoughts about my passionate fisherman Ilpo Kauppinen that my finnish readers do? Is there something especially different in my – and finnish way – of thinking and society?

Some of first reviews about Le Royaume des perches can be found in Internet. I'm very pleased of them, either readers have liked about my book or not. Writing and books – they are just telepathy from one human being to another human being. What a wonderful thing that is!

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Avainsanat: Le Royaume des perches, Gaia Editions, Martti Linna, Ahventen valtakunta

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