La maison de vos rêves - first crime story about ISO-standards ever?

Torstai 15.12.2016 klo 10.25

For me as a writer it is always a pleasure to read all kinds of thoughts about my books. Both positive and negative ones. If someones finds something to say about the book, there has to be something that touched reader.

This writing of french blogger about my novel La maison de vos rêves (came out in France this year) made me happy. She wondered, if this book is the first crime story ever concerning standardization on an organisation and satisfied clients. She also wrote, that every one working at marketing and with customers should read this book.

I must admit, I'm pleased. Big theme of this book for me was that how difficult it is for us unrationalized human beings to get involved in to rationalized organisations. Many times it hurts, when this happens.

This french blogger couldn't know, that I read a lot about ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-standards before I started to write. She couldn't know my meaning. She made it all by herself.

So, I think I made it :)

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